Our grapevines are located in the middle of the REUILLY AOC region

They possess a wonderful history and a terroir rich in flavour, where the notion of sensory pleasure really comes into its own.

After the acquisition of Domaine Guy Malbète in 2017, our soils are made of clay limestone, sandy loam and siliceous pebbles and, for our most elevated grapevines, sandy gravel. The winery now spans 12 hectares of grapevines, the oldest of which were planted by Domaine Malbète in 1970.

Following in the footsteps of our predecessor Guy Malbète, we work our soil to ensure our grapes feature the best aspects of our terroir. But we have also added our own touch, using only organic fertilizers in order to protect the organisms living in our soils. The use of mating disruption techniques avoids the need for insecticides. Lastly, we only protect our vineyard against diseases when necessary so that our grapes can end their growing cycles at optimal maturity. Now we have an Organic Certification.

We only derive satisfaction from the care and passion that we bring to our wines, produced on this RICH LAND, through the pleasure and desire they elicit in you to get to know us, talk about us and renew your loyalty to our brand.

Médaille de Bronze Decanter
Reuilly Gris 2021

Médaille d'Argent Paris 2019
Blanc La Pagerie 2018

Médaille d'Argent Paris 2019
Rouge Les Belles Terres 2017

3 étoiles & coup de coeur Guide Hachette 2020
Blanc La Pagerie 2018

1 étoile guide Hachette 2020
Gris La Pagerie 2018

3 étoiles & coup de coeur 2021
Blanc Les Belles Terres 2019

90/100 RVF Janvier 2022
Banc Les Belles Terres 2020

Médaille d'Or Paris 2023
Reuilly Blanc
les Terres de Silice 2022
Pride in work well done


The Reuilly wine region extends over nearly 300 hectares in the Indre and Cher Departments.
Planted on gently sloping hillsides, the grapevines flourish in marly limestone soils, overlooked by terraces of sand and gravel which receive plenty of sunshine. That exposure along the banks of the Arnon and the Cher releases the full expressiveness of nicely matured wines.
As the Berry’s emblematic wine region, Reuilly has long sustained deep roots in the history of Centre-Loire wines. Legend has it that, in the 7th century, King Dagobert donated his fields, grapevines and meadows in the region to the monks of the Royal Abbey of Saint-Denis outside Paris.
Reuilly shares its use of Sauvignon and Pinot Noir grapes with the other AOCs in its winemaking region: Quincy, Menetou-Salon, Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé.

Cuvées traditionnelles
Les Terres de Silice

Wines made in the greatest traditions of Reuilly, blends of grapes from the winery’s various plots of vines.
Aged in stainless steel tanks, there is no need for manipulation: only the terroir and the maturity of the grapes matter.

Reuilly blanc

Straw gold colour.
Minerality dominates the nose. The mouthfeel is nicely fresh with a long finish.

This white wine is great with shellfish and the many goat cheese available in Berry.

Reuilly gris
Pinot Gris

If it has the colour of an onion peel, it is undoubtedly a grey wine from Reuilly. The nose is evocative of red berries. The mouthfeel is supple, followed by more robust notes.

This subtle, feminine wine is particularly enjoyable with desserts.

Reuilly rouge
Pinot Noir

A touch of dark red enhances its ruby hue. Red berries are preponderant in the nose. The mouthfeel is dominated by “pigeon heart” tomatoes.

This red is truly a festive wine, that goes great with black chicken from the Berry.

Find all the Domaine de la Pagerie vintages for sale on the website of independent winemakers: Vignerons indépendants

Cuvées Parcellaires
Les Belles Terres

Les Belles Terres (“Rich Land” in English) by winemaker Baptiste Pointereau. Limited production wines from select plots where time loses all meaning. The grapevines are located in the town of Lazenay in the Cher Department, on clay limestone soil. Organic Wine since 2022 Vintage.


Reuilly blanc
Les belles terres

Straw gold colour. White fruit nose. The mouthfeel is marked by white peach with hints of grapefruit and citron. Nicely fresh with a pronounced long finish.

This white wine pairs perfectly with white meat.

Reuilly rouge
Les belles terres
Pinot Noir

Crimson colour. Cherry dominates the nose, with just a touch of smokiness. The mouthfeel is an explosion of morello cherry, combined with discreet almond notes. Not suitable for just any palate.

Enjoy this wine with red meat and even the most powerful dark chocolate.

Les Cuvées Spéciales

Les Bulles Blanc de Gris

Sparkling Wine. Méthode traditionnelle élaboré à partir de notre cépage local le Pinot Gris.

Presque rien…

(Almost Nothing…) Natural Wine.

Composé en fonction des année de Gamay et de Pinot Noir, ce Vin de France est vinifié sans ajout de souffre avant, pendant et après la fermentation. Sans aucun ajout d’intrant, sans collage ni filtration.

Presque rien… mais que du vin, au nez les petits fruits rouge. En bouche une attaque fraiche et

Pride in work well done

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